US based Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo is willing to part with over Kshs150,000, to pay anyone who will provide her with a video where she was captured saying that she hates Kenya.

Elsa shared that on her X account leaving may wondering why the sudden urge.

“I will pay $1000 to anyone who can produce a video of me saying the words ‘I hate Kenya’,” she wrote.

One of her followers asked her what was going on and she responded saying, “Everyone says I do when I don’t and have never said those words and I never will.”

This comes just days after she opened up on why she decided to relocate from Kenya.

According to her, her decision to leave the country was due to the frequent attacks she faced because of her skin color.

“There was a lot of colorism. There is just a lot of colorism in Kenya. I faced a lot of it when I grew up but even before that, there were a lot of comments on ‘oh, you are so dark’, like ‘oh look at that tint’, she is so ugly, why because she is dark. There was so much of that, and when that started happening when I was growing up, I was like, I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality,” the 22-year old said in a video.

She added that in US, people are amazed by her color and she receives a lot of compliments about it

“I am loyal to one thing, the bag. In the US, everyone is like oh my God, look at your skin, it is so stunning, it looks like pearl, it’s shining, oh darling, so why wouldn’t I not be paid in dollars?” Elsa further said.

Last year, in an interview with Forbes, Elsa said that she would never return to Kenya because of the trolling and people praying for her downfall.


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