Legendary singer David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, has recounted three unfortunate incidents that happened to him, during the first three months of his relationship with Wahu.

The two met at the University of Nairobi and began dating, but the challenging situations that they faced in the initial stages made Nameless think that Wahu was a person with bad luck.

“When I just hooked up with wifey(Wahu), like in the first three months, too many negative things were happening. I was like, hey ‘Huyu dem ni bad luck, nampenda lakini how is it possible that in three months this sh*t has happened.’ I was like ni nini inafanyika hapa?” Nameless said.

The first incident happened when they were walking in campus while holding hands. Nameless admitted that Wahu loves to display affection in public and he had no problem with that, little did he know that he was making fellow students jealous.

A group of rogue students approached them and out of nowhere the leader landed a hot slap on his face.

“I removed my specs, put them in my back pocket, and left the rest to God. The gang thought I had a knife, which scared them a bit. Realizing what was happening, I started daring them to fight me with my hand still in my pocket,” he narrated during episode 113 of Mic Cheque podcast.

Lucky enough, some rugby guys, who knew him, showed up and scared the gang away.

A second incident happened when he was attacked with a dagger. The thief cut his bag in order to steal his items. Wahu was also present. Lucky enough a police officer came to the rescue.

Another incident happened during the riots at their institution. He asked Wahu to stick in her hostel but her stubbornness could not allow  it and wanted to know if her boyfriend was safe and sound.

“I used to tell her to stay in her room when there are riots, but she is like, ‘Oh my God, there is too much drama, I need to come and check on my boyfriend.’ This girlfriend of mine is just problems,” Nameless said.

Wahu paid a visit to Nameless and his colleagues and Nameless was forced to escort her to her rural home because things were ugly.

However in the process, a truck full of GSU officer parked just near them with the GSU officers labelling him as one of the rioters, who had led to the death of one of their colleagues.

“I knew I am dead. I was innocent. I was just like this girlfriend of mine. A mathree comes in front. GSU are on the other side of the road. Am still looking at them as they are coming out. The driver of the GSU truck looks at me and tells me enter that mathree or you are dead,” Nameless narrated, saying that that is how he was able to escape their wrath.

“My chic said babe am sorry I was like aah usiniongeleshe. Nikamfikisha home nikaseme huyu dem God I think I have seen enough. I don’t even know how we ended up,” he added.


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