Comedienne Eunice Wanjiru Njoki, who is popularly known as Mammito, has never met her father since she was born.

Speaking to BBC, Mammito said that she was only raised by her mother. She however did not feel the gap of lacking a father because her mother ensured that she gets everything that she needed.

“My mother brought me up singlehandedly and we never lacked anything. I didn’t feel the gap of missing my dad because my mother ensured that we have everything we needed,” she said.

According to her, life in Kibera wasn’t easy but her mother ensured that they become successful. She was also strict, making sure that they were disciplined and she wouldn’t allow them to play with neighbour’s children when they were young.

Mammito says that her success in comedy was realized because of her mother’s support.

“My mother loved my comedy always and she supported my dreams,” she said.

At the age of five years, Mammito would entertain people in church. She later joined an group of entertainers dubbed Pillars of Kibera. She would also participate in reciting poems and this was influenced by several experiences in Kibera.

Her journey in comedy proceeded to campus where she would participate in talent show, living a lasting impact on judges.

She would later try her short at The Churchill Show. An opportunity for her to perform in the show came after several unsuccessful attempts. At the time she was also afraid of facing crowds.

Since her first show at the popular comedy show, Mammito’s success in the industry has been realized and she is one of the best female stand up comedians in Kenya and beyond borders.

Aside from comedy she is also a business woman.


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