Roseline Atieno Oyola aka Rosie from Siaya county recently went viral after leaving Lebanon, where she was working as a nanny.

The emotions that ran down at the airport because of her departure captivated many, with many hailing the Lebanon family she was working for for treating her well, and being so attached to her.

The mother of three went to Lebanon in October 2021 to look for greener pastures after having marital issues.

“I was in a marriage and after it was not working out, I decided to look for greener pastures to be able to stabalize the life of my kids. I have three kids, two boys and one girl, the first born is 13 years, second born 6 years and third born 4 years,” she opened up to Presenter Ali.

She said that she would do anything to ensure that her three children live a good life.

Rosie said that she was scared of going to the gulf because of the negative things that African house helps go through. She however prayed hand to land in the hands of a family that has a good heart and her prayers were answered.

“The only word that my boss said on the first day was just wow. We blended the first day until the last time. They are good people,” she said.

About the trending airport video whereby the kids she was looking after were left in tears, Rosie said that she had mixed feelings at the time.

“On one hand I was happy coming to meet my family and on the other hand I was feeling sad I was leaving the kids that I have been living with for two years and they were treating me as their parent. I felt at home. I love them(kids) because they appreciate my work and they love me the way I am,” she said.

Rosie said that she would still go back to Lebanon but she is yet to decide on when. She added that she wants to take care of the children until they grow up.

“I have to be there for the kids for them to grow a bit because they are really suffering. Maria and Catie, mama Rosie loves you so much. I just miss the way I used to treat them, they made me not miss my kids so much, the filled that emptiness that I was feeling when I was away from my kids,” Rosie said as she broke down in tears.

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