The president of comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has been baffled by an old photo of him.

The father of two is in great confusion because of the total difference between his current looks and the previous ones when he was younger.

According to him, he looked old when he was younger.

“How come I was old when I was young, I don’t understand, ” he said.

In an attempt to help him solve the mystery, some of his fans claimed that maybe it was because he used to live with his grandparents. Others said that he looked that way because of poverty as others said that money is what has made him look young and vibrant.


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In the recent days, Eric has abandoned comedy and has embarked on a journey of helping the less fortunate through organising fund raisers online.

Just two days ago, he took up a case of baby Dylan Calmax, who died 4 months ago. The mother of the baby was however unable to bury him due to accrued hospital bills.

“Dylan Calmax died 4 months ago and has not been buried yet because of a bill that accrued to 2.8 Million. Her mother Christine Mbale needs to rest his boy so she can get closure. She is TRAUMATIZED.,” he shared on Instagram.

He organised a fundraiser and Dylan was finally buried on Thursday.

“WE DID IT GUYS!!! There is no power like the power in UNITY!!! Ni sisi Kwa Sisi. We managed to give Baby Dylan a decent Burial 4 months after he passed. We managed to give his Mother Christine Kaluki CLOSURE and PEACE. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED!!! GOD BLESS YOU,” he updated his followers.

He is currently handling a case of a Meru woman whose baby was burnt by tea.

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