Popular YouTuber and content creator Diana Marua is one of the women in marital bliss after she shared a clip on her Instagram where Bahati could be seen splashing loads of cash on his wife.

This comes as the couple highly anticipate to celebrate  7 years of their relationship. The big day is set for October 20 but  Bahati has been gifting Diana  expensive gifts on a daily basis, totalling to 7 spectacular gifts.

This includes creating a spectacle where he threw loads of cash at his spouse while she was savouring a good time with a dance in a nondescript location.

Diana praised her husband for understanding that she was a woman of taste who needed to be treated like a queen as she was not born suffer which she captioned in the video.

“I didn’t come to this world to suffer a’beg and my Hubby understands his divine assignment in my life, to make me Happy at whatever cost 😂😂😂😂” she wrote

“Money Makes Me Happy 💃🏻 I can’t wait for Tomorrows Gift 🤩 Babe, @BahatiKenya as you continue gifting me, please consider 7 wrapped Boxes with money in them. That’s all. GIFT NO 4! TOMORROW 3PM 🥳 I CAN’T KEEP CALM 🧚🏻‍♀️ #BahatisAt7 #7YearsAnniversary #7Gifts” she further said..

Last weekend when Bahati got Diana an assortment of gifts which included expensive fragrant perfume from Dubai he said that he understood that Diana’s love language is Money and the way to her heart.

Some netizens were not pleased with the spectacle with some  claiming that the couple simply had too much money to waste which they should use to help the less fortunate.

“Splashing money. Hii ni mshahara ya mtu bahati anachapa na Rosa Diana😂😂” A fan wrote

“Walai bona mnachezea pesa?” Another wrote.

“So if money goes the wife goes aki boychild we have to work hard this generation 😂😢” Another fan also wrote



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