Kabi Wa Jesus alias Peter Kabi chose to set the internet a blaze after posting up a risque photo with Diana Bahati.

The father of two took to his Instagram account to display a cozy photo of the two married individuals. Matching in red and black, Kabi;s right hand on her bare skin and the other lifting Bahati’s wife’s leg up, they posed for the cameras.

Kabi then proceeded to cheekily caption the photo. He advised his followers not to tag their significant others as it could ruin their marriages, insisting that it was just an innocent photo. He thanked Diana for honoring his invite to celebrate his son’s birthday before posing the trending ” mwalimu wa maths hapa ni wapi” question to netizens

”Don’t tag my wife or her husband coz sitakua na Bahati ilikua tu photo. wale wa oh nice couple please msituharibie Boma@diana_marua thank you for coming to celebrate @tajiwajesus we love you na tag mwalimu wa math” he captioned.


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Seeing another man holding the mother of his children, Bahati took to the comment section threatening to cut Kabi’s hand if he did not let go of Diana’s waist.

”Bro nitakukata mkono, toa hio mkono hapo” the singer threatened.

Bahati was not the only person reacting to the photo for minutes later, the comment section flooded with opinions from netizens. Some seem to have loved the photo while others condemned the two stating that the pose was not meant for unmarried people.

Opportunity comes once in a lifetime”

” mnataka milly wajesus akaongezewe maji sindio”

”untie madoo anakamatwa inappropriately na kila ninja,anywhere anyhow,watu wa ooh uko na ushamba the floor is yuas,dhenkx by mangement” fans commented.

The fans  of their YouTube channel were however  quick to remind Kabi of an incident where his wife complained about him holding other women.

”Yaani kabi hukomi hii tabia mara ngapi Milly amekukanya jameni”

”Ulikatazwa kushika viuno”

”Ujaacha kushika viuno na ulikatazwa na mamaz” fans reminded the married man.















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