Recently, Vera Sidika hosted a lavish birthday party to celebrate her first born, Asia Brown, as she turned two years old.

Her baby daddy, Brown Mauzo, however missed the event, with fans demanding answers from the socialite.

The questions were overwhelming and Vera saw it better to address the matter so as to put it to rest.

“I am sick and tired of this; where is their daddy business on my page. Y’all know nothing about what happens,” she captioned a screenshot of the questions.

The mother of two went ahead to reveal that she invited Mauzo to the party but he was a no show. According to her, Mauzo rejected the invitation saying it wasn’t a good idea.

“I invited him to his daughter’s birthday so just it can be memorable for her special day. I stay huko they have their moment. He didn’t want to show and said it wouldn’t be a good idea to be at her birthday party. How is any of that my fault? I am to carry him with a crane force him to attend his daughter’s birthday? Hell no,” Vera said.

Vera further said that she invited Mauzo despite him ruining the face reveal of their son Ice Brown.

“I was still the bigger person to even invite him to Asia’s birthday. Most people wouldn’t. All I care about is my babies’ happiness but you can’t force a person to reason. A birthday is not an ordinary day. It’s a special day to celebrate your child. I would never miss it for the world. I rushed back from America  just so I couldn’t miss my daughter’s birthday but not everyone sees the importance,” she said.

“I was honestly minding my business but so many comments acting like I am the bad guy,” she further said.

Mauzo on the other hand has not directly responded to Vera’s claims but he shared a cryptic post on his Insta stories.

“Think good thoughts, say nice things, do good for others. Everything comes back,” the father of five said.

It should however be noted that Vera demanded Mauzo to stay away from her after landing in the country from her US trip.

“We are not together. In fact, if anything, I want him to be far away from me as quickly as possible and nowhere close to me,” she said mid last month.


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