A man from Kimologit village in Londiani has shocked the nation after setting his house ablaze burning his wife and child over a circumcision confrontation.

Speaking to the press, the victims brother said that his sister had been involved in a heated argument with the husband concerning where their son who is a KCPE candidate was to be circumcised after his examination, a confrontation which could have led to the arson.

Eyewitnesses in Kimologit alledge that the arsonist poured petrol all over the house while the victims slept and proceeded to set his property on fire.

The two were rushed to the Kericho County Referral hospital where they are fighting for their lives .

According to the doctor’s examination, the woman who is a mother of two is suffering 45 percent burns while the child is suffering 18 percent burns.

Luckily, the KCPE candidate was absent at the time of that tragic incident as he had opted to sleep in another premise separate from the main house.

The family is now pleading for  financial help from Kericho county government as the woman has been transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialized treatment.

The suspect was arrested and taken to Londiani Sub-county Hospital and later transferred to Kericho County Referral Hospital for severe burns.

Londiani Sub-County  Police commander Agnes Munga stated that the destructive fire which is said to have started at around 1 Am, burnt down 12 private rental houses.

The Focus has now shifted to the class eight candidate who the public fears will be affected by this incident as he sits for his final exams as domestic violence and mental health conversation arises in social circles.


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