It is now evident that Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia are no longer BFFs.

From unfollowing each, to stopping producing content and even missing each other’s important occasions, this only explains that their relationship hit the rock bottom.

Reacting to a recent report on unfollowing each other, Milly said that such is very normal, seemingly confirming the end of her relationship with the former Tahidi high actress.

“Ghaii mko serious . Ndio naskia na nyinyi wacha I go confirm. Its called seasons of life very normal, its well,” she said.

Jackie also confirmed that all was not well between them after missing Milly’s dowry payment that was held in Nandi County.

“Najitetea nini na washasema niko na roho mbaya na pia sina bwana,” she responded to a fan who asked her to defend herself for missing the traditional ceremony.

Before that, Fans had also wondered why Milly failed to celebrate the birthdays of Matubia’s daughters, the recent one being that of the eldest Zari. The content creator failed to share messages for the minors like before.

“Ni kama Jackie Matubia na Milly Chebby are not in good terms . Jana ilikuwa birthday ya Zari na Milly hakumpost,” a netizen said.

Responding to that, in an interview, Matubia said that Milly had wished her daughter a happy birthday privately.

“Sisi ni sisters. She has been busy sana. She already even wished…alinitumia message tuko sawa kabisa us we are family hatukosanangi,” the mother of two said.

Rumours that there were cracks on the relationship between The Mwangi’s(Terence and Milly) and Jackie emerged a few months ago after rumours that she had also broken up with her baby daddy Blessing Lungaho emerged. To shut down the allegations of a failed friendship, Jackie, Millie and Terence alongside their children flew to the coast to celebrate the birthday of Matubia’s second daughter, Zendaya.

Milly also tried to shut the fallout rumours by sharing her photo with Matubia on July 2.


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