Akothee alias madam boss who is a popular  Kenyan musician can now take a breather after the authorities managed to put the thief who stole money from her bank account behind bars.

The mother of five took to her largely followed Facebook account to update fans who were following the case online keenly.

She revealed that the culprit was behind bars but had failed to disclose how he accessed her ATM card and the pin. Akothee went ahead to lament how her own investigation team was on the case since her bank had not contacted her on the way forward.

” The thief who stole money with my ATM card was caught, put in police custody, however, I am told he denied to disclose how he got my card and my pin. And guess what, this information I am receiving from the investigation team, My bank, the bank I bank with has not contacted me nor updated me on the way forward.” the singer shared.

Akothee blasted her bank for poor customer relations, bad attitude and lack of back up plans. She stated that the above vices were the reason as to why someone would withdraw huge amounts of money within a span of two days without the bank noticing.

”We are talking about 700 and above. It’s been a month so it means, this bank has no backup plan for their customers, nor do they care. They have poor customer relations  and that’s how someone was able to withdraw over 500 on an ATM in two days and they never realized something was wrong.” Akothee lamented

The controversial singer concluded her post by advising members of the public to ascertain that their money was safe in the banks.

The culprit’s arrest comes days after Akothee shared that she had lost a hefty sum of money to an unknown person after her bank accounts became comprised.



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