Eric Omondi is probably one of the luckiest men alive seeing that he got a defender and a wife all in one.

His fiance who is known to the public as Lynne Njihia came out to defend the comedian against trolls who had earlier blasted Omondi stating that he was so busy helping other people that he forgot about his young family.

Speaking to members of the press, the mother of one defended her man, stating that he was actively involved in the day-to-day activities of raising their little girl including giving her bath and playing with her.

She pointed out that the public did not know Omondi well adding that she loved him more because of the small free time he got from his philanthropist acts he spent it all on family.

” Eric anafanya alot. Huwa anaosha ata Kyla. Nyinyi hamjui Eric, huwa anaspend so much time na sisi. Mshaiona Niki complains?Huwa anaosha Kyla, huwa anacheza na yeye every, ile time kidogo anapata hua anamake sure amespend  time na family  na hio ndio nampendea sana.” Lynne revealed.

The Instagram influencer hilariously revealed that her daughter had replaced her in Omondi’s heart adding that the comedian’s love towards their daughter was priceless.

”Eric anampenda kuniliko. Trust me Kyla amenireplace. Anampenda Sana. Anampenda ata haina limit. Love yake kwa Kaela ni priceless.” Njihia stated.


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Kenyans took to the comment section to air out their opinions on the whole interview, Some expressed their doubts In Lynne’s remarks while others gushed over her beauty.

”Anamuoshanga saa ngapi na ye hushinda live?”

”Eric mmoja mwenye anashinda amezururra kila mahali anapata wapi time ya family”

” Mimi ata sisikizi. Erico aliangukia hapa. this lady is gorgeous.” netizens commented.





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