Lynne Njihia, wife to popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, has so far recognized the expansive love she has experienced while their daughter Kylah.

In an interview, Lynn affirmed her love for her spouse while saying that she is the most lucky woman in the world for being in a relationship with Eric Omondi.

The mother of one added that they have since increased the fee to see their daughter’s face from 50 million to 70 million.

“Mtoto wangu akona hadi passport so bei ya kumuona imepanda to 70 million!” the content creator said and proceeded to share about the journey of parenting journey with the self proclaimed president of African comedy.

“Kylah is the easiest baby to deal with actuallty coz mimi sijaikua na sleepless nights she’s the most beautiful thing we’ve created with Eric” she said.

Lynne also revealed that the love he has for their daughter absolutely transcends her own, she described his love for their daughter as limitless and priceless.

Eric’s wife playfully stated that the reason they had the raised the fees to unveil their daughter’s face to 70 million has to some extend have  do with the rising cost of living and the new charging fees for travel documents and other important national credentials that a Kenyan citizen needs to have in their hands.

She was enthusiastic about their daughter getting a passport and they were to fly her off to any country in the world.

Earlier Eric Omondi had put the price tag of unveiling the face of their child at a whooping 50 million for which he gave a myriad of reasons.

“The face of my daughter will be very difficult for you guys to see. I sort to put a lower amount because the economy is very harsh at the moment, so I decided on Ksh.50 million because is a bit affordable. Let’s do a bare minimum, pesa kadogo tuu,” he said.





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