Bien, a celebrated Kenyan musician has revealed the origin of his Album’s name ” Alusa Why Are You Topless?”

Speaking to the press. the former Sautisol generation member explained that the name originated from a call he received from his mother after the release of their banned track ”nishike” which featured him topless grinding on a lady.

According to the ”bald man,” his mother had called enquiring why her son was on a music video topless.

”Alusa why are you topless is a statement that came about when we did Nishike and my mum called me” Alusa why are you topless.?” she can’t even remember by the way,” Bien explained.

The superstar stated that he took his mother’s statement to mean different things and that’s why he settled on it as the title.

According to the ”True Love” hitmaker topless to him meant freedom. He drew his examples from the relief men get when they remove shirts and vests after a long day or the feeling women get after removing their undergarments after a long day’s work.

”I decided to take that and make it the Album cover coz topless represents a lot of thigs. Topless represents Freedom. Wewe ukifika home utoe tu hito sweater na shakti ukae tu juu ya bed hivi bila shati au ukae tu kwa kiti bila shati hio ni freedom. Dem akifika home atoe bra atulie tu kwa keja. Hioni freedom. Topless ni freedom.” Bien explained.

Baraza added that topless also meant discipline since for someone to look good topless they had to be committed to exercise and eating healthy.

”Topless pia inamean discipline. Ndio ukae poa topless lamiza ukue disciplined na kenye unakula, ile tizi unapiga yaani lazima ukue committed unacheki?” Bien asked.


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The award-winning musician further revealed that Topless signified a new beginning for him. Stating that he was starting his journey topless.

The Sautisol band split up and hence the Alusa Why Are You Topless album marks the first solo project to be worked on by Bienaime Baraza.


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