Popular socialite Alhuddah Njoroge alias Huddah has revealed that she nearly lost her life in 2018 after getting drugged in a business deal gone wrong.

The former Big Brother Africa contestant took to her Instagram account to narrate the horrifying ordeal which she says transformed her to a grateful person.

The model narrated how she fell victim to a criminal disguised as a business investor. The man had been sent  to finish her off by women she claims follow her on social media and pose as very religious. They conducted businesses online until they decided to meet physically. On the set date, the model recounted how the man spiked her orange juice, leaving her unconscious for three days.

Huddah further explained that when she finally came to, she had no memory of what transpired. The criminal then sent her photos of the previous night  depicting a wasted Huddah. In her words they wanted to use the photos as evidence of a drug problem to tarnish her reputation.

Despite the scare surrounding the drugging incident, the model stated that she chose to forgive since one of the females was expectant.

Huddah then finished her revelations with a spiritual message for her fans. She encouraged them to always remember and trust God, themselves and intuitions

”Stay blessed y’all. Remember, Trust, God, Self, and intuition. Any situation that didn’t finish you is a second chance to redeem yourself.” she captioned.

Kenyans who seem to hate to love the Dubai based socialite flocked her comment section with hilarious opinions.

”Zingine zikaaagaa ukweli tena uongo”

”Mchele kidogo unasema you were Dead”

”Huyu naye sikuhizi amekua kama otile brown ni clout tu kila mahali” kenyans commented.








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