Bahati;s former manager, weezdom alais Lawrence Karanja has called out the media for terming him as a former gospel artist.

Karanja took to his largely followed Instagram account with a lengthy caption explaining his dislike for the terms used by bloggers in articles to address him.

He observed that the media personalities refer to him as a former gospel artist which is false. Karanja explained that he was still a gospel artist and a servant of God only that he had not released a new tune.  He advised bloggers to address him by his stage name or instead term him as mylee staicey’s husband.

” To all the media and bloggers I have noticed that every time you are writing articles about me mnaniita former gospel artist. I don’t like it at all. I’m still a servant of God nimziki tu sijatoa for the past two years so kindly kama ni lazima unitaje basi niite tu weezdom acha kuongeza maneno ya kuniita former gospel artist  heri basi uniite bwana ya mylee staicey. Asanteni” he posted


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Kenyans and bloggers took to the comment section to react to the hilarious post by the radio presenter.

What about former bahati manager”

”Hatukomi, uta do?”

”Ongeza Volume Bwana ya Mylee hawajaskia bado” kenyans commented

The gospel artist rose to fame after he released his banger” umenitoa far”  but unfortunately he seems to be struggling to release tunes since the last song  he released  was dated 2 years ago. Mylee staicey the lady in question, is an Instagram model with whom they have had an on and off relationship with for the last three years.

We hope that the artist gets to release new hit songs so that bloggers can naturally refrain from terming him as a former gospel artist.








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