Fans of socialite Huddah Monroe have been left disappointed after she barred them from commenting and even seeing the likes she gets on her social media posts.

A spot check on her Instagram account with 2.3 million followers reveals that the last posts that had the comments tab on was on February 28 this year. The reel garnered 264 comments and 27k likes. On Tik Tok, only the number of views and likes she get are visible but the comments are limited.

One of the fans confronted her on the matter asking her where she wants them to comment after taking the step.

“Huddah umezima comments tucomment wapi,” the fan questioned in her DM.

Responding to that, Huddah said that she took the step since she doesn’t need anyone’s opinion or validation.

“I am on the floor. I removed comments from and  likes because honestly I don’t need anyone’s validation or approval or opinions keep it to yourself,” she said.


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Earlier this year, the rich beauty CEO said that she loves privacy and vowed to keep her kin on social media. Huddah made the remarks after raising suspicions that she was expecting her first child.

“Y’all think if I’m pregnant I’d announce? You won’t even see my kids. Maybe a toe and the back of head that’s that. I love my privacy,” she said.


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