Socialite Huddah Monroe has vowed to keep her children off social media in case her womb is blessed in future.

While addressing her viral pregnancy reports, Huddah said that netizens would not even know when she is pregnant.

The socialite said she plans to remain discreet about her offspring because she loves her privacy.

“Y’all think if I’m pregnant I’d announce? You won’t even see my kids. Maybe a toe and the back of head that’s that. I love my privacy,” she said.

Earlier, Huddah was forced to come clean about her being pregnant. The rich beauty CEO had notified her fans that she was three months pregnant on Monday and many had started guessing about who the child’s father is. The information was accompanied by a video of herself flaunting her supposedly bulging belly.

According to her, the belly was just getting bigger because she has reached the grown woman phase.

“I am not pregnant you all. My belly is jus getting bigger. I am on my grown woman phase. Chill ain’t no sperm strong enough yet to catch my ovary,” Huddah said.



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