Former President and Jubilee party leader Uhuru Kenyatta has broken his silence on the ongoing wrangles that have been witnessed in his party for the last few months.

Addressing Jubilee loyalists at their new office in Kileleshwa on Wednesday 26 April, the former head of state told rebellious members to leave in peace, adding that everyone has a right to do what they want.

“Everyone who wants to leave a party can the party and go to another party. Sisi hatuna shida na mtu , wale ambao hawatutaki Waende kule wanataka kuenda Kwa Amani. Hakuna haja ya kusumbua wengine. ( We don’t have a problem with anyone. Those who want to leave they can do so in peace. There’s no need to disturb others) ” said Uhuru.

He also thanked those who remained loyal to the party for their patience and resilience in fighting for the rights of their party .

“Na nawashukuru Kwa kulinda chama chenye. Kila mtu ako na haki yake, na Sisi tunataka Tu kulinda haki yetu” added Kenyatta

The former commander in chief condemned police officers throwing teargas canisters at the Jubilee Party headquarters saying thatthe building housed other occupants who had nothing to do with jubilee politics.

“You are throwing teargas at them so you can take the house by force that is not right,” he said.





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