The High Court’s highly anticipated judgment in the case involving former TV news anchor Jacque Maribe and her ex-fiancé Jowie Irungu has been postponed.

The trial, which has garnered significant media attention and public interest, centers around the tragic murder of one business woman identified as  Monica Kimani.

Initially scheduled for today, the announcement of the verdict was met with heightened anticipation from the media and the public .However, the presiding judge  Justice Grace Nzioka  pushed  the judgement day to December 15 stating  she was unwell.

‘I will be taking the leave dates as from November, so lets check December,” she responded when asked about the ruling date.

The decision to postpone the verdict stirred mixed reactions among those closely following the case. Some Kenyans argued that the judge’s illness was a tactic for the system to buy time for further deliberations, while others expressed that justice delayed is justice denied.

Jacque Maribe the  once prominent figure in Kenyan media, and Jowie Irungu have maintained their innocence throughout the trial insisting that they never knew the deceased.

The defense has argued that the evidence against the former love birds  is circumstantial and lacks conclusive proof of their involvement in the murder.

On their part, the prosecution brought out 37 witnesses to the stand. One of them placed the accused in the house of the deceased on the day of the murder  while others positively identified him during the identification parade as Ms Kimani’s friend.

The prosecution also argued that Maribe made no attempt to disassociate herself from the actions of Jowie instead, she helped him get rid of the evidence hence guilty because she assisted in the commission of the crime.

As the case enters a new phase of uncertainty, it serves as a reminder of the complexities and intricacies often associated with high-profile criminal trials. The public, as well as the families of the accused and the victim, will have to wait a little longer for closure in this closely-watched legal saga.

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