One of Kenya’s leading comedian Chipukeezy is a happy man following the praises and recognition he received from President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto.

Charlene Ruto penned a beautiful messages to Chipukeezy who is celebrating 10 years in the comedy industry with a show dubbed ’10 Toes saluting him for the milestones he has achieved as a comedian.

In a viral video on Instagram Charlene revealed that Chipukeezy is one of the funniest comedians she has ever interacted with. “I’m not a funny person so when I meet funny people like Chipukeezy it is such a highlight for me. I’m so happy for you Chipukeezy as you celebrate 10 years in the industry which to me is phenomenal. I remember when I came for one of your shows a few years ago, I don’t know if you were celebrating 5 years or so but the show was amazing,” Charlene said

Extending her love for him Charlene went on to hype the comedians upcoming show at the Mwai kibaki Convention Centre.

“So when you reached out to me saying you are celebrating 10 years I could not believe it’s 10 years because he still looks the same – he is not aging. So I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to attend the event on the 5th of August 2023. I know I’m going to have a blast coz I do find Chipukeezy so funny,” Charlene said.

At first, Chupukeezy’s 10th anniversary had been scheduled to happen at KICC but the venue was later changed.

“We take this time to announce that we have changed our venue for the Ten Toes Down event from KICC to Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre at MKU Thika. Join us as we celebrate this massive milestone, dining in love and laughter,” Chipukeezy shared.

Currently, Chipukeezy works closely with President William Ruto and the Kenyan Kwanza government – hosting almost all events that involve the Youth.


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