Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Platinumz has been exposed for being a husband snatcher.

It is alleged that the man she is currently dating belongs to another woman. The woman came out to reveal that she discovered her husband was cheating through Esma’s Instagram page. She claimed that she recognised her husband’s voice and hand in a video that Esma had shared on her page. The video was published on June 21, 2023


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“Nilikuwa na order vitambaa by the way sijawahi kumshirikisha tulikuwa na sherehe tunaorder vitambaa online, alafu eh mbona sauti ya mume wangu na mkono wa mume wangu?” she said in an interview.

According to her, she was not in good terms with her husband then and they had taken a break on their relationship. She however confronted him about the discovery.

“There was a time we had a disagreement,and when I saw it,I asked him and he said we would talk about it later,”said the wife.

The news spread like wildfire, catching the attention of fans and critics alike. Social media platforms erupted with debates and speculations, as people passionately took sides, either defending or condemning Esma. Some argued that it was a mere publicity stunt to gain attention, while others believed there might be truth to the accusations.

As the media frenzy intensifies, Esma has remained silent. But silence can sometimes speak volumes, and in her case, it only fuelled the curiosity and condemnation from the public.




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