Kenyans have continued to raise concerns over the number of men who want to date Zuchu.

Vincet Mwasia Mutua popularly known as Chipukeezy tried flirting with Tanzanian songstress Zuchu, days after she announced her breakup with her boss Diamond Platinumz.

On one of Zuchus Instagram posts, the comedian commented that he was ready to have a private conversation with musician if she was available.

“Nislide ama ni too soon?” He commented. This comes after the two superstars had confirmed a breakup and they are now sister and brother.

“Together with Zuchu, we want to inform you that for now we are like brother and sister unlike before,” said Diamond Platinumz after Sukari hitmaker had broken up with him.

However many feel that Chipukeezy doesn’t have what it takes to date Zuchu.

Chipukeezy made his name from his rib-cracking jokes and comedy on Churchill live comedy and was known to have dated an Instagram influencer Kibanja.

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