Tanzanian singer Harmonize has sparked rumors that he could be involved in a romantic relationship with Ugandan singer Laika Umuhoza.

This is after the duo decided to get matching tattoos on their necks. The duo got their necks inked with symbols of music.

They however shared separately videos of their tattoos in their respective social media channels.

Harmonize also said that he is considering getting a new face on his  body as he acknowledged Laika as his videographer.

“Should I get a new face on my skin? Hi my camerawoman Laikamusic. Ila sijui nitakoma lini,” he said.

Laika was recently in Tanzania for a club performance and Harmonize has been speaking highly of her in his Insta stories.

A week ago, the duo left tongues wagging after they were captured dancing while dressed in revealing clothes. Following the comments on their viral video, Laika was forced to come out and address claims of being romantically involved with the Bongo singer.

“We are known to each other, I requested him for a collaboration and he accepted. I was in Tanzania to record a song which will be out soon. We are not lovers but even if we were where is the problem,” she said.

With that said, its only a matter of time before we know if Laaka will be the next person on Harmonize body, just moths after This comes he covered Frida Kajala and Paula’s tattoo on his leg. The single again hitmaker replaced the mother and daughter tattoo with Mt. Kilimanjaro, about five months after his break up with Frida was publicized.

“Going on a world tour with no past memories,” accompanied by photos of his leg with a new tattoo.


Earlier, during his tour in Kenya, Harmonize was questioned about the Kajala’s tattoo and he said that they should watch out to see if it will continue being there.

“Tattoo is a personal thing and it’s not something you can talk about. Mwangalie tu kuona kama itakuwepo ama haitakuwepo,” he said in an interview.

Previously, the two had tattooed each other’s first letter on their necks. Both tattoos have since been replaced.


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