Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has called out Nairobi governor Jonson Sakaja over a forceful evacuation of traders in Muthangari market in Westlands.

In a post he shared on social media, Eric revealed that he received a distress call about the ambush on the market on Thursday.

According to him, the traders were not issued an eviction notice and the ambush saw them suffer great losses.

“Got a distress call from Muthangari Market traders about an ambush by people who came and Destroyed their Small businesses Yesterday. They were not given any Notice. There are about 200 families that will lack food, School fees and basic amenities if these poor Kenyans are forcefully evicted from this place. Their properties were destroyed and burnt down. Sasa hawana mbele wala nyuma. Bwana Governor @jsakaja am told it was your Officers who came to evacuate them,” Eric said.

The father of one has since issued three demands to governor Sakaja regarding the incident.

“Get them a new place to do business, Build them stalls to do business in OR Leave them alone,” he added.

Eric’s post was accompanied his video at the scene with the traders chanting a protest song. Eric further said that they would not allow the land to be grabbed unscrupulous businessmen

“Hii place imekuwa ikilisha watoto ikilipa school fees since 2008, I think ni watu wa kanjo wametumwa na private developers ama wanasiasa. walikuja na malory, mashoka na mapanga wakaharibu vitu, whoever you are hatutakubali, kama mnataka kugrab hii land hamutagrab, there was no notice. Mnaharibu maisha ya watoto, ya wamama, this is their livelihood,” Eric said.

The comedian continues with his activism just a week after he was sentenced to one month in prison, along with 15 others, over unlawful assembly in Nairobi. They were however given an alternative of Kshs10,000 fine. Eric and his colleagues were arrested and charged in court for protesting about the high cost o living near the parliament in February this year.


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