“I wanna marry him. I wanna marry my man. I wanna cook for him.”

Tanzanian beauty queen Hamisa Mobetto has broken the hearts of many of her secret admirers and potentials following her recent confession that she is ready to settle down as a wife.

“I feel like this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. For the first time, I’ve found someone that I can actually speak the same language and everything is so easy with him. Everything is so perfect.” she broke the news on her Instagram page.

The WCB CEO ‘s baby mama who is currently dating American rapper RickRoss, responding to her followers said that she is simply in love vowing to treat her future mother-in-law with the magnitude that she deserves.

“I will get his mother a gift. She gave birth to a man that has good behavior, he smells nice.”

“There are men and then there is my man.” she added.

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