Award-winning  content creator Andrew Kibe has yet again dished out controversial advise to men.

As usual the former radio presenter’s guidance has caused a hot debate online.

Kibe took to his X account to counsel men seeking for relationships or companionship from women.

He cautioned them against beautiful and self-aware ladies stating that they were a boring lot.

Terming them as ”Kinuthias” a word used to mean a simpleton  he advised them to instead date women belonging to their social class and to limit upgrading the social class when it came to dating.

”Hakuna kitu boring kaa manzi anajua ni mhot…mutasumbuana bure. Don’t go chasing water falls stick to the onguras you’re used to Kinuthia!” Kibe remarked.


His followers flocked the comment section to air out their opinions on  Kibe’s statement. Some seconded him while others took the floor to share some dating nuggets with comment readers.

”Show her no interest and she will come to find out why are you not interested in her. Then it will be your time to treat her as a love slave she is.”

”smashed a 10 wost game I ever had buana, a lot of attitude”

likes your opinions but I can’t have a woman, who can’t be respected to give a speech in family members meeting being hot is a blessings banaa.” netizens commented.

Kibe’s fanatics are looking forward to 3/12/2023  when the superstar is set to jet into the country for his ”Graduation event”

He had earlier posted an invite to an event he is set to host in Dubai stating that it was the first pit spot  en route to his much awaited day in Nairobi.

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