Former Churchill show comedian Gilbert Barasa aka Mtumishi has opened up on his strained relationship with his mother, who raised him single handedly.

During a church service at JCCM Church, Mchungaji blamed his mother for destroying her own marriage because of using witchcraft. He says that he is where he is today because of God and not his mother’s efforts.

The comedian further said that he wouldn’t be touched if his mother died today. According to him, they have not spoken in two years.

“Mimi mama yangu acha niwaambie tu ukweli even if she died today, I won’t feel anything. Ile mtoto unakaa unasema leo naenda kutembelea mama yangu the last two years to date, since 2021 sijaongea na yeye. Akinipigia, I have missed calls and missed calls, sishikangi simu yake. Mama yangu aliniambia wakati aliniona Churchil show, coz hakunisupport alisema napiga kelele kwa nyumba. Watu wanamwambia kijana yako siku hizi yuko anashaout anafight unajua tukifanya maskits wakamwambia kijana yako atakuwa mwenda wazimu. Akanidisown  akaniambia toka hapa nisiwahikuona kwa hii nyumba and I went out,” Mtumishi shared for the first time.

Having no other option, Mtumishi sought for financial help from his ex-girlfriend. He was given Kshs5,000 which he invested in a smokie business. He says that he couldn’t go to his father’s place because he had another wife.

“I am the first born, nang’ang’ana kuuza smokie to make life. Nikaanza kuenda asubuhi auditions za Churchil show, nakutana na baba akitoka kazi huko Royal media services. Namwambia ‘daddy nisaidie na fare auditions  churchill” anasema sina pesa. Wakati aliniona kwa TV he was the first person to call me akisema haiyaa kumbe ni serious,” the comedian recounted.

Mchungaji added that his mother did not believe that he managed to appear on TV. He also revealed that his mother was against his marriage to a Kikuyu woman and till date she hasn’t left him in peace. According to him, his mother vowed that their marriage would not last.

“Four months down the line, my wife dumped me,” he revealed.




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