Mike Sonko, the former city boss has reacted to a now viral video of Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya.

Posting the clip on his largely followed X account, Sonko stated that he recognized and respected Salasya as a fellow politician.

” Huyu mhesh ni ngori” he wrote.


The clip depicted  Salasya addressing his constituents in a church function when chaos suddenly engulfed  the venue.

The chaos are said to have erupted after the controversial law maker blamed the Governor Kakamega county, Ferdinard Barasa for failing to revive the Mumias Sugar company.

His statement did not sit well with the governor’s supporters as they started to boo the member of parliament.

Things took a turn when Salasya blasted them, ordering the governor’s supporter’s  to keep quiet for he was speaking the truth.

The rowdy youths immediately pounced on him with one of  them running to the podium  to grab the microphone barring Salasya from speaking.

What shocked most people however, was Salasya fighting back. The first time law maker defended himself and was pulled off the youths by his bodyguard’s as the police officers watched the whole saga from a far.

Kenyans took to the comment section to express their opinion on the unfortunate incident.

”They keep treating citizens to comedy instead of providing solutions that can change lives positively . Join us on its next session on diaspora opportunities:”

”He closed his and and then: It was at this moment… that Salasya Peter Kalerwa decided to practice his Taekwondo”

”Jamaa alitokwa na wazimu~ voice of DJ Afro” netizens commented.

This is not the first time the Member of Parliament is making it to the news for different reasons other than his public role.





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