The deputy president of Kenya, Rigathi Gachagua  has taken to his X account to refute claims that the UDA government has been on a money borrowing spree.

In a series of tweets, Gachagua explained the current situation of the country and the achievements of the hustler government.

Kenyans attention however, went to a tweet where the deputy president defended the government against claims that they had borrowed more than their predecessors.

Gachagua explained  that the allegations levelled against the government on debt and borrowing were false. He maintained that the government had not overborrowed  instead ,they had paid a substantive amount of debts.

”DEBT AND BORROWING ;The allegations that the government has overborrowed in the last one year isn’t truthful; We have, instead, paid a substantive amount of debt” he captioned.

Kenyans flocked the comment section to give their opinions on the deputy president’s sentiments.

”Kenya has borrowed more. Must you lie always. Information on the ground KK has borrowed more in one year than Kibaki in 10 years. You can deny, but facts are stubborn.”

Explain how you paid 1.7 and borrowed 1.6. With no development to show. @rigathi  Wakikuyu walienda shule”

”Sometimes,one should have shame when lying to your employers.” Kenyans commented

With the high cost of living, topics such as debts and borrowing have been a constant in social spaces. There have allegations in the media from the opposition , stating that the government was overborrowing hence burdening the common Kenya.

The deputy president’s defense statements come days after the head of state reshuffled the cabinet. In regards to this matter, Rigathi advised Kenyans not to read too much into  it as  no official  had lost their job.






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