Bahati’s wife Diana B has continued to receive sharp critics over her conduct and this time her fans are un happy with how she is  pushing for views of her latest song Soko.
In a challenge video posted on her Instagram ,Diana posted a clip of her dressing a man who is  his employee, and she is seen showing him dancing styles and occasionally laughing since the man is missing the moves.
”Meet our chauffeur and comedian #Vaite 😁 Hawa ndio wanatetemesha soko 🤣😂🤣🤣 #NARUDISOKO”  Diana captioned on the
Her fans were however, displeased with the post some linking it to promoting LGBTQ, while others related it to how employers treat their workers.
don.chiluba This is the most stupid act have seen this week!! Shosh Diana stop taking advantage of your employee!
It’s really sad how unknowingly these celebrities are pushing hii narrative ya ushoga and cross dressing. Kwani sikuhizi wanaume lazima wavae kama madem ndio content yao itambe?
Yaani enyewe umaskini ni kitu mbaya sana ,uyu ni mwanaume una embarrase hivi jamani 😢😢😶
The power imbalance dynamic that allows employers to take advantage of employees.

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