YouTuber Kabi wa Jesus revealed to his wife Milly Wa Jesus that he has a crush and it’s none other than Robyn Fenty popularly known as Rihanna.

In a recent YouTube video, Kabi and Milly had a candid conversation about their life and marriage, when Kabi opened up about his crush on Rihanna after the subject came up for discussion.

Kabi first asked his wife if it was bad for him to have a crush before spilling the beans, saying that he could even marry the Barbadian singer.

Milly was not happy about that and she questioned him why he would want to get married to her.

“I don’t know, she just has her lipstick lines, she just does like this(touch her belly)  and we get money. She be like ‘pay me what you owe me’ and we get paid,” Kabi responded.

“That woman is not a joke,” he added.

Milly protested Kabi’s desires saying she should be his only crush for life.

“You are making me feel insecure,” the mother of two said.

Kabi however went ahead to reveal that he made her recreate Rihanna’s baby photoshoot last year and that annoyed Milly completely.



“You set me up. I am not even happy. I am enough, I don’t need to be Rihanna. I am not happy. How can you compare me with Rihanna?” she posed but her husband urged her to role play as Rihanna.

“If you don’t like me the way I am, I am sure I am someone’s crush somewhere better come. I want someone who thinks about me and is crazy. Who would want me to role play as me,” she challenged him.

Milly words scared Kabi that he was forced to take back his words.


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