Kenyan crossdresser and Influencer Kinuthia  has revealed  that he is currently not in relationship but he could be getting hooked anytime soon.

Kinuthia revealed this after a several fans wanted to know about his relationship status during an interactive session on the ask me anything feature on Instagram.

”Do you have anyone ama I connect you?”

”kusema ukweli I took a break on dating because weeh, my last relationship nilionyeshwa kivumbi but I will be back soon like I never left” Replied Kinuthia.

The influencer who will be turning 22 o 16th June declined to give vital information to his  followers including her net worth and residence but instead dodged beautifully.

”Hizo ni mambo za Dunia wacha tutafute pesa kwanza we will talk about this later” Kinuthia replied after a fan asked about his net worth.

When asked about his area of residence , he opted to give a  rent range price instead.

”aww thanks cant share the location but the price will give an average of 40k – 60k” he said promising a full house tour after doing some touches.



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