Embattled Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has reason to smile after Music Copy Right Society Of Kenya (MCSK) Boss Ezekiel Mutua pledged to rescue him.

Ezekiel Mutua revealed his wishes to meet the now troubled rapper and help him revamp his endangered

music career.

“I think I want to reach out to him. If he has any problem, I can promise you that tomorrow (today), I’ll be with him. We cannot lose a talent like that. Tell him he has a brother and we got his back. If I can meet him I will appreciate. We have guests we can connect him and more importantly we are helping him locally. We will sort this out, he’s in safe hands.” He said promising to reach out to Stevo.

According to Stevo Simpleboy’s wife Grace Atieno , the artist has been suffering for quite sometime but in silence.

“Ukiona sahizi hatoi ngoma, ni venye anapitia maisha magumu na hawezi ambia wananchi. Yeye ni mtu muoga sana na kijana mpole so Kuna mambo mengi anapitia kwa nyumba na kwa hio nini(management ) ambayo ako sahizi lakini ni muoga wa kuongea,” She revealed.

During the interview she also raveled that Stevo doesn’t know the terms of his contract ,he has no access to his social media accounts following the termination of his contract wit Men In Business.

“Manager wake ndio ako na everything yake so ni vigumu sana kumpata. Hela zake mwanzo hata hajui analipwa shilingi ngapi kwenye show. Tunapitia  magumu lakini huwezitoka huku nje kuomba. Kuvumilia tu. Hio hufanya vurugu, sometimes tunagombana kwa hizo changamoto. Ukimwambia aende aongee na manager wake kuhusu mambo ya hela ajisimamie mwenyewe  anaogopa,”

His manager Vaga has however stated that Stevo knows agreements surrounding his contract with them revealing that on all streaming blogs Stevo had only made money on Youtube which amounted to Ksh 20,000.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, Vaga said that they signed a contract that would see  Steve get 40% of the money they would get from concerts and events while his management(Men In Business) will earn 60%.

Aside from that, the management also agreed to take care of all his bills including rent, food and clothing adding that Stevo is not a a bad artist but he has surrounded himself with wrong advisers.



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