Content creator Diana Marua is among the many Kenyans who were afraid that Eric Omondi doesn’t get time to spend with his newborn daughter.

This is because the comedian is always busy with activism, helping the needy, entertainment and even sometimes locked up in police cells.

“What time do you take care of baby Kyla you are always busy away from home,” Diana questioned him after he was arrested while driving his shoe-like vehicle.

Responding to her then, Eric said, “Kyla ako tu sawa. unajuaje hayuko ndani ya  hio shoe-baru.”

In a recent interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, the funny man however shared more details about how he manages to care of his daughter who has since clocked 3 weeks.

“I make sure that I am home by 7 pm.  Its like she is awake at night, I have studied her. Its like its intentional, when you are about to sleep she wakes up. But we take care of her in shifts. Lynne(his girlfriend) does the day shift , I am the watchman I take over the night shift. If she defecates between 7pm and 5am its my duty to clean her. The only thing I can’t to is breastfeeding her but she can pump and keep it for me. from 5am to 7pm its her turn, that’s how we survive,” he said.

Eric also talked about the experience of being a father. He said that he finally learnt how to change diapers.

“When sleeping you have to remember that there is a child by the side so you turn cautiously so that you don’t hurt the her. She decides when you should wake up, maybe you are from a conference or show but when she just does ‘ng’ee'(babycry) you have to wake up. I was taught how to change diapers recently, for the first time, now I am the one who does that,” the comedian said.


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