Fast rising youtuber Nicholas Kioko has left many of his fans puzzled after he responded to a fans whoa apparently lost respect to his baby mama Ashley wambo.

”Mama Mzee unaongea nini maskini hii, ugly b*tch”

This is what Kioko responded after a fans expressed her regrets to how Ashley Wambo is slowly downgrading into an old woman during her prime ages a as a lady.

The fan went ahead to sarcastically stated that  has Wambo not been a baby mama she would be furthering her studies in the University.

”Msichana mdogo lakini amezeeshwa.she could have been in university learning but look at her mama oh my goodness. What a shame for a pretty lady like you.but I can’t blame you.washamba ya jiji”she Comment.

Her comment on one of Kioko’s post where he posted  a clip of him and wambo having a good time captioning it ”We are defined by one name, and that is Love❤️ @afrivega_stars Dressed by @mr_royalty_tailored”


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Beacuse of the comment Kioko and Wambo’s fans jumped into the comment section disssing the lady who many think is Kioko’s ex and they also believe she has formed a pseudo account to express her anger.

This is what hey said:

”Wanawake kwa kuoneana wivu ni number moja kwenye hii dunia ….wambo uar so beautiful together with your hubby baba twins 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍”

”shame on you. Who are you to talk like that to your fellow woman? She’s over 18 and she is free to make her own decisions. Keep your advice for yourself 😏😏”

” why do u sound bitter is she the first person to be a baby Mama and how many people with degree are jobless ??????women like u are always selfish and be kind she is just a woman like you and is she is happy living her life.Nkt””

live your life ,….I don’t think wambo amekuomba anything .,am sure ameachive more kukuliko already Mrs university.,,..just heal and get a life

shame on you girl,,wivu na kiburi hazitakufikisha anywhere,you are accusing the other girl for no reason,imagine ajakufanyis anything,mtoto amemove on hata kukushinda,badala ya wivu why can’t be more than the them,move on and style up girl.”

Nicholas Kioko and Ashley Wambo have twin boys who are hardly one year old.

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