Comedian Oga Obinna is suggesting that a law should be passed, whereby both man and a woman, officially agree to have a child.

In the case that one party declines and the other agrees to have the baby, Obinna said that it should also be put on paper to avoid problems in future.

“I think a law should be passed that before a woman decides to keep a baby, the man should write a consent form because there are some women who keep babies that men are not ready to take care of and then they come and start haunting the men saying that they are their children,” he said.

According to him, such women wouldn’t disturb broke men. But when the man is rich, they would go after them even after agreeing initially that they would raise the child on their own.

“If at all your life gets to be blessed, bro, you will see fire. If your life is not blessed they will never disturb you. Ati wewe ni mlevi tu fulani, some useless fellow, most baby mamas will never disturb you, but that your life is getting in order or you are planning to marry someone or now getting another child that you are ready, they go they expose you, they come to your work place , its chaotic,” he said.

Obinna further explained that his suggestion is influenced by the fact that many children are suffering out there because one person’s decision.

“I am feeling  that every woman, by the time she gets pregnant until she delivers a baby, a man should write consent form and say yes I have accepted I will be there so that you don’t make the child suffer for no reason.  Children are suffering out here due to decisions that one person made, one side of the  parenting, either the man or the woman. Some women also don’t want to get pregnant and the man just decides not to pull out or protect themselves, na anamwambia tu we zaa mimi nitalea,” he said.


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