Samidoh a popular mugithi superstar has ignited different reactions after engaging with a fan in an online battle yesterday.

Seems like the netizens’ behaviors are infectious, as he also took to the comment section after a blog aired a story of his successful foundation launch.

A notorious netizen hilariously blasted trolls who stated that the musician was a ”kept” man a term used to refer to a man or a woman who entirely depends on their partner financially.

”Na bado wanasema umewekwa.” the fan wrote.

The comment did not sit well with the superstar as he took it upon himself to fire back.

He stated that he had already left the relationship and advised his fellow men to try their luck at being ”kept” by the nominated senator.

”Nilitoka.Endeni pia muwekwe.” the ”mumbi” hitmaker wrote.

His comment confused netizens further as it seemingly insinuated that he had left his lover and that the two love birds were no longer together.

This comes after the two illicit lovers unfollowed each other on social media only to be spotted later together during the launch of ”Samidoh’s foundation.” which the senator gave generously towards.

When questioned why the two had unfollowed each other in an interview, Nyamu explained that they had had a little misunderstanding and assured fans that all was well as healthy relationships often involve conflict.

She explained that they had already been through their worst phase hence a small issue such as following each other on social media should not be exegerrated or taken out of contest.

According to the city’s grapevine, the once-upon-a-time happy couple is dancing on the rocks after one of them allegedly cheated on a celebrity.

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