Khaligraph Jones a  Kenyan rapper has seemingly reacted to bongo flavour superstar Diamond’s incident with his green cap.

The rapper threw his crisp white cap to fans during his recent performance and netizens interpreted this as a dig towards his fellow musician.

Diamond made it to the headlines after a video of a fan snatching his cap went viral. The singer refused to leave the location insisting that the green cap went with many of his clothes and as such was very important to him.

”Lazima hiyo kofia ipatikane.Inaenda na nguo nyingi.Ameivuruta tu sikujua.” the superstar told his bodyguards.

The video depicted the self-proclaimed Simba sending some money to locals who promised to retrieve his green cap.

The musician’s cap was finally found and returned safe and sound to Wasafi headquarters.

Diamond’s behavior elicited different reactions from his fans and haters alike. Some blasted the fan for stealing the cap while others trolled the multi-millionaire for making a mountain out of an anthill.

This is not the first time the two East African musicians are at loggerheads with each other.

Earlier this year, Khaligraph went viral after blasting Diamond for copying his style after the bongo singer entered the stage in a coffin, an art Khaligraph said he did first.

Netizens thought the one-sided beef was over after the rapper confessed that Diamond was the most popular artist in East Africa during an interview at Oktbafest where the two shared the stage.

On his part, Diamond has never reacted to the jabs from the Kenyan rapper and always swerves the question during interviews.

In the music industry, artists have been known time and again for engaging in online altercations which are referred to as ”beef”.

These altercations often turn physical as was the case between American rappers namely Nicki Minaj and Cardi B who threw blows and shoes at each other during an event they attended together.




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