Crusaders in white and yellow uniforms have elicited different reactions after a video of them roughing up a motorbike rider made its way to the internet.

The video depicts a Sunday morning confrontation that seemingly ensued after the rider disrupted the service rally on the highway.

The faithful whose church is yet to be identified teamed up and gave the rider a through beating as pedestrians watched in disbelief.

The rider is seen minutes later after being beaten, charging aggressively toward the congregation.

Some members continue with the worship songs as others get busy with the rider.

They rough him up to the side of the road where some can be seen throwing blows at him.

The confrontation escalates when one believer takes the motorcycle and rides into the worship-singing crowd.

Netizens descended on the comment section of the video to air out their opinions on the whole saga. Some hilariously lauded the cameramen for getting good angles while others termed it a case of religious indoctrination.

”Jeshi la wokovu hapana cheza.Wataweka halleluya chini wakutwange.”

”Kenya indoctrination vs human being who has made a mistake.Kenyan indoctrination 1-ordinary kenyan-0 sad.”

”This is the cameraman we want. Not only did he get the angles but he also spectated.” netizens commented.

The topic of religion has become very sensitive in the country after the Paul Mackenzie saga which left thousands of Kenyans dead.

This led to the public and private institutions calling for auditing of all churches to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

The government has yet to implement its orders when it comes to licensing or auditing of churches despite previous talks centered on achieving the same.


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