Former US president Donald Trump was arrested after surrendering while in the state of Georgia over attempts of trying to overturn the 2020 election results.

Trump’s fingerprints and mugshot were taken after his arrest, making him  the first former US president to have a mugshot.

CNN reported that Trump had surrendered himself at the Fulton county jail.

He is facing more than a dozen criminal charges due to his alleged efforts of trying to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results. This is the fourth time this year Trump is facing criminal charges.

International media outlets have reported that Trump spent just over 20 minutes at the county jail while being processed before he was released on bond.

Jail records showed him at 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighing 215 pounds, with blue eyes and blond or strawberry hair. His booking number was P01135809. A mug shot of Trump was released soon after he left the jail. He also shared in his Twitter account, his first ever tweet since January 8, 2021 when he was banned. The same post was also shared on Truth Social, a social media App he founded after being kicked out of Twitter.

Trump’s surrender in Georgia marked the fourth time he has surrendered himself to local authorities or Federal authorities, incidences such as this have not been seen in the US before 2023.

Trump called being at the jail a “terrible” and “very sad” experience in an interview later Thursday with Newsmax.

“In my whole life I didn’t know anything about indictments and now I’ve been indicted like four times.” Trump said.

Trump was also charged on April in New York over an alleged hush money scheme. In June, he surrendered at a Miami federal courthouse to face charges in special counsel Jack Smith’s probe into the mishandling of classified documents during his time as president and after .

He was placed under arrest in Washington, DC, and arraigned on charges brought by Smith in his investigation into attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

All of those cases could come into play next year at the same time that Trump will be looking to recapture white house for the second time after losing to incumbent Joe Biden in 2020.


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