Tanzanian music sensation Harmonize has made a  bold move of practising celibacy for 30 days.

On Friday, the singer announced that he has attained 6 days since taking the step.

The artiste, known for his chart-topping hits and charismatic stage presence, posted on his Instagram story  a resolute message, “Say no to ngono 🚫 30 days.”

Harmonize, whose real name is Rajab Abdul Kahali, has captured the hearts of fans across the globe with his infectious music and magnetic personality. With his latest announcement, he has managed to both shock and intrigue his fan base, sparking conversations and speculation about the motivations behind his decision.

In a separate story, he candidly explained why he decided to practice celibacy.

 “Hiki ni kipimo tosha cha kujipima na mahusiano yangu ya milele ya fwatayo!! 😂” he shared, suggesting that this self-imposed test is a measure of his commitment to his future long-term relationships. “Yaani nikivuka hiki kipimo nitaamini im matured!! Nachukua jiko, naweka ndani maskini ya Mungu, mtoto wa watu hata akisafiri wiki 2 inakuwa ni mchezo kidogo wangu just like that. ” 

The artiste’s decision comes at a time when discussions around mental health, self-discovery, and healthy relationships are gaining prominence in popular culture.

While the announcement has generated curiosity and intrigue, many are awaiting the conclusion of Harmonize’s self-imposed challenge. As he navigates this 30-day period of celibacy, it remains to be seen how his perspective on relationships and personal growth will evolve.

In an era where artists often use social media to curate a specific image, Harmonize’s candid admission showcases a different side of fame—one that is willing to break barriers, confront societal norms, and share authentic experiences with a global audience.



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