Award-winning actress, Jackie Matubia, known for her role in the hit show “Salem,” shared snippets from her spa day outing.

The mother of two revealed that she was taken to the spa but she didn’t give details of who her companion/’sponsor’ was.

In a cryptic post on her Instagram story, Matubia shared, “Yesterday(Monday) after work was taken to the spa,” concluding her statement with a flirty kissed-face emoji.

Matubia’s update continued to fuel curiosity as she detailed, “Couple massages it was, honestly after this I slept so peaceful. It was so worth it, thank you,” accompanied by a string of affectionate emojis.

The images she shared showcased a blissful and relaxed Matubia, clearly savouring the soothing ambiance of the spa. Could this serene outing mark a rekindled romance, or is it merely a friendly hangout with no romantic implications?

This unexpected revelation has caught the attention of her followers, who have been speculating about her relationship status, now that she parted ways with her baby daddy Blessing Lungaho.


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The actress revealed that she was no longer with Lungaho, by embracing the term proud single mum of two. It is still not clear what led to their break up but in a previous interview, Matubia insinuated that Blessing was the one at fault.

“Very soon, I will be doing a YouTube video what I am lacking is time. I will make my video. I don’t think I have any explanation to give to anyone any mistakes that I make are mine so I deal with them,” she said. I am so tired…Things happen… Do I look like I can wrong someone? Me? People who are wronged do not keep quiet those who wrong others on the contrary are the ones who keep quiet on things… mapenzi si mchezo… Me and him it has been months since we talked,” she told Ankali Ray.

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