Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has expressed gratitude to all his supporters for the praises and unending love.Sonko however  advised the growing number of his staunch supporters to stop getting tattoos of his face.

This comes barely a week after a woman from Muranga called Marryanne  Njoki tattooed Sonko’s face on her thigh. He cautioned that while he appreciated the gesture his supporters do not need not go to the extent of getting a tattoo of him because they are violating their bodies.

“Nafurahia your loyal support pia mimi nawapenda but please, mimi nitawapenda bila tatoos because mwili wako ni yako na bwana yako na ya Mungu,” Sonko wrote in a social media post.

While expressing his reservations about getting tattoos he added that he was planning to meet the woman to thank her for the exuding love and see what he can do for her to reciprocate the loyalty.

“Yule dem wa Murang’a ntatafuta number yake akuje sababu yeye ni loyal supporter ntaangalia vile ntamsupport kimaisha but tafadhalini wacheni kujichorachora majina zangu na sura yangu” Sonko said

Marryanne Njoki said that she wanted to meet the former governor and give him a hug as she was enthused with the work that he has done for people. She also dismissed people who would talk badly  of her because  of a simple congenial hug.

“I would tell him that I love him for his work,” Njoki said. “If he accepts a hug when we meet, I would be happy. The ones who would talk, let them talk.” she said.

The Middle aged woman  remarked that she did not need money from the former governor but only thank him for his charitable works for the down trodden.

Sonko agreed to the hug on  condition that it would  be respectable he also warned that  that he would not meet another person who had a tattoo of him.

Murang'a lady who tattooed Mike Sonko's face on her thigh confesses love  for him | Pulselive Kenya








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