Comedian Mulamwah’s girlfriend Ruth K has revealed that she was unaware she was pregnant until fans noticed it.

Speaking to the Nation, the 23-year old revealed that she only decided to take a pregnancy test after the wide-spread suspicions on her pregnancy following a series of social media posts..

“I actually hadn’t realised that I was pregnant until my fans noticed. It was during my birthday when I posted videos and photos and my fans spotted that the size of my tummy was unusual, which I had honestly, hadn’t noticed. I then decided to a test and it turned positive,” she said.

Upon informing Mulamwah, Ruth says that he was overjoyed. The pregnancy was however unplanned but they had had discussions about getting babies previously.


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“It came earlier  than planned. Nonetheless we thank God for the blessing His time is always the best,” she said.

At the same time, Ruth opened up on the origin of the title bestie. She said that their relationship began as friendship after meeting in Eldoret. Within a year, it had grown and they became lovers.

“Bestie moniker was born  out of the circumstance in which we met .  We first met in Eldoret. It was planned just a random bumping into each other. We exchanged pleasantries and contacts and  and each of us went on with their lives. We kept engaging, became friends and a year into our relationship, love happened  and here we are. That’s how the nickname Bestie stuck  because that is what we are, we are best friends,” she said.

Ruth admitted that she became known because of Mulamwah. Before that she was focusing on her career, and doing fashion and modelling. During the interview, she revealed that she is a teacher by proffesion

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