Nairobi governor Jonson Sakaja’s idea of closing night clubs operating in residential areas has not been appreciated by The National Chairman of the Pubs, Entertainment, and Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK), Michael Muthami.

Expressing his side during a Tv interview, Muthami decried no difference between Governor Johnson Sakaja’s order and the 2020 Curfew stating that it is a great threat to the City’s 24-hour economy system.

”There is no difference between this order and the night curfew, as a matter of fact, this should be called Sakaja’s curfew”“This is goodbye to the 24-hour economy,But is he going to stop the keshas which go past 3 am? We would want to know, is the Nairobi Festival which is coming up, going to follow the same rules?”  Muthami stated.

Citing figures Muthami that the closure will see about 23,000 people become jobless and about 400-500 establishments closed.

“Is it that Sakaja doesn’t trust his deputy? “ Where did this directive come from? the closure, according to PERAK’s estimation, would therefore lead to the loss of over 23000 jobs, affecting permanent and casual employees, casual laborers will lose their jobs, it will also affect watu wa smokie, supermarkets, Mutura people, and even commercial sex workers,” he added

Governor Sakaja ordered the cancellation of licenses for nightclubs operating in residential areas in the city noting an end to the issuing of licenses to such investments.

So far 43 bars and restaurants have been put on notice over noise pollution in the city.

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