Two churches have been demolished in Makenya and Murukwa in Murang’a county shocking members of the congregation and the public at large

The  churches include the Thibethel and Wafuasi wa Akorino East Africa Israel have been demolished on claims that they occupy public land which the government intends to use in the  affordable housing government project.

The Thibethel church has been fully demolished while the East Africa Israel which has been on a 5 acre land for 30 years now remains partially demolished with the windows, roofs, doors and everything inside the church scattering outside.

Speaking to members of the press, Simon Wamwea who is a faithful at one of the churches expressed his shock in the demolitions.

Wamwea explained that he had lived in the area for thirty years  worshipping in the same church. He further stated that their ownership of the land was cemented by the former governor Murang’a county Mwangi Wa Iria who gave them the go ahead to worship there freely  promising them that nobody would come asking them to vacate the land.

He expressed his dissatisfaction in the way the government was handling the whole land saga stating that no prior notice had been given to the members of the church notifying them of the demolitions.

“Tangu nikae hapa mackenzie nina miaka thelathini, na kwa miaka hio thellathini, Governor wa kwanza Mwangi Wa Iria ndiye alitupea hapa na hakuna mtu angetutoa hapa. Siku ya leo mimi naona nikiambiwa niondoke na kanisa linabolewa lakini sikuambiwa nitaondoka siku kadhaa ama saa ngapi. Mimi ni kupigiwa napigiwa naambiwa ati kanisa linabomolewa,” Wamwea noted.

Other believers also seconded Wamwea noting that for all the years no one has ever raised any concerns of the church being in their land but all of a sudden the government is claiming the land.

On his part, the county Governor Dr. Irungu Kang’ata through his notice in the media has said that he is not part of the demolition taking place in those areas.

The residents are now questioning the government over this act saying that the residents have been left without a place of worship.

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