Veteran Actor from Tanzania Fridah Kajala has announced that she is in a  new relationship but she did not disclose details about the lucky man.

The Mother of one shared on her Insta  Story that she had got a new man who has managed to make her happy which suggested that she is now satisfied.

“I got the man I want now am happy” she stated.

The 40 year old is  in high spirits months after partying ways completely with Tanzanian bongo heartthrob Harmonize.

It is now almost a year after her former lover Harmonize, the boss of Konde Music Worldwide, and herself called it quits  after dating for several months. The two got back together on May last year after being separated for a year. Harmonize begged her to forgive him in a bid to persuade her to  take him back.

When Kajala announced their break she made it clear that she had already got into another phase of her life that did not involve him after a failed attempted of rekindling their romantic relationship.

Despite not revealing the reason behind their separation she maintained she had nothing against Harmonize.

“Mimi kama mwanamke na binadamu nimeumbwa kupenda na kusamehe pia , ila kwenye hili nastahili kuchekwa , nastahili kubezwa na kudharauliuwa pia. Sipo hapa kujitetea wala kutia huruma ni kweli nilifanya makosa na nimeyagundua makosa yangu” Kajala said previously..

In an interview earlier this year here in the country Kajala revealed that maybe they had got in a rut that made the relationship lackluster hence he left him.

She further added that Harmonize was not ready to settle with her and maybe he needed time to settle his own personal issues, Kajala said that since he was still a youngling he needed more time alone.





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