Self styled afro beats king  Burna Boy has threatened to exit the music industry to what he claimed was insignificant earnings that has pushed him to the declaration.

Through his Instagram story the “African giant” expressed that in the near future he might be forced to contemplate whether he will continue to make music or quit since the earnings are looking bleak in his current contract.

“With the number I’m seeing on this contract. These next few years of my life are about to really show if I love doing music. God must really want my love for music. I just might bounce on y’all lilke Rihanna” he wrote.

In an American publication that closely follows the undertakings of music powerhouses in Africa Burna Boy complained that albeit he was doing good in music the overall earnings were very meager.

In the year 2022 coming to 2023 he amassed more than 300 hundred million dollars but it was noted that his wealth had stagnated and his net worth had not increased in any percentage.

Burna Boy has many accomplishments under his belt. He is a successful musician, songwriter, dancer, entrepreneur, and rapper.

While Burna Boy net worth according to Forbes, is yet to be revealed, THE360REPORT puts his net worth in 2021 at $17 million.

While he started getting recognized in the music scene only in 2012, Burna Boy’s earnings from music have skyrocketed over the years. Most of his wealth comes from music. For starters, he has a huge following on YouTube despite opening the channel in 2018. His fifth album, Twice as Tall, which was executive produced by Puff Daddy, has a total of 14.8 million streams in the US in 2020.

A huge portion of Burna Boys’ wealth comes from tours and endorsements. Tours often translate to a lot of money for artists, and Burna Boy has not been left behind in following this market trend.



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