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Bongo artist Maua Sama has left tongues wagging after revealing that she has only been with one Man her whole life.

Maua took to Twitter to make the confession, saying that her current man is the only one that has been  with.

She also expressed her enthusiasm  is settling down with the man in question.

“Kutoka nizaliwe sijawahi kuwa na mwanamume mwingine zaidi ya mwanamume wangu wa sasa, siwezi subiri kufunga harusi na yeye, mpenzi wangu wa kwanza,” she wrote.

A large swathe of social media users were however unconvinced by her revelation and they expressed their unbelief.

“Unajua hata mimi tangu nizaliwe nimewahi kuwa na baiskeli MOJA TU lakini hizi za kuazima unapanda kupiga nazo round kisha naachana nazo, ah! Mbona nyingi tu! Can’t wait using motorcycle tires in my bicycle!” one user said.

“Unaķosa mengi sana pole” another added

“Kwaiyo we dada unataka kutuambia ndo aliyekutoa ugoko…” a user asked.

Maua Sama is not the first Tanzanina female artist to confess about sexually knowing a single man.  Just days ago,  WCB signee Zuchu claimed that Diamond is the onlky man that she has had sexual relations with.

In an interview with Wasafi Fm,  Zuchu was asked the number of women and Men she has slept with to which she swiftly answered that it is only Diamond . Accompanied by the WCB boss the two could be seen cuddling playful when the question was posed.

Zuchu’s body demeanour also suggested that she also wanted Diamond to chime in on the question.

Surprisingly, Diamond proclaimed that he has only been with one woman which is zuchu despite him fathering children with other women which has extensively covered by the Media.





September 12, 2023

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